what is reSRC

reSRC stands for the resource. It came to birth because I could not find a website displaying both quality curated lists and tag-sorted links.

Whenever I found an interesting article or a tutorial on a subject I wanted to investigate, I ended up bookmarking it, together with curated lists laying here and there.

Programmers sometimes need lists of links on a specific programming topic, be it a technology, a framework, a language, …

On reSRC, you are free to create your own lists or to pull the list you already have on GitHub or anywhere else. But most of you will probably be more interested in discovering great resources from great lists. Or by reSRC’s tagged links database. Try Python+TDD or Ruby+Book. And of course, the meta-tag : Haskell+resource

about reSRC

reSRC is being developed by victor felder with early contributions from Martin maillard. The backend is Django, the frontend is Zurb Foundation.

contact: info@resrc.io

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